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[PROTOTYPE] BioWeapon: The Hunter. :iconshaun-k:Shaun-K 3 7 Avatar LoK X One Punch-Man :iconshaun-k:Shaun-K 4 25 Claw power concept art pt.1 :iconshaun-k:Shaun-K 4 3 Goliath concept art pt.1 :iconshaun-k:Shaun-K 4 2 Violent Goliath :iconshaun-k:Shaun-K 4 7 Crawler :iconshaun-k:Shaun-K 3 3 Akame ga Kill X Prototype :iconshaun-k:Shaun-K 8 34 Prototype Brawler Redesign :iconshaun-k:Shaun-K 5 12 TokyoGhoulPROTOTYPE sketch1 Random Alex Mercer :iconshaun-k:Shaun-K 5 1 Prototype fan ideas Whipfist :iconshaun-k:Shaun-K 8 3 OPMxWOY sketch :iconshaun-k:Shaun-K 8 5 Darkstalkers Halloween :iconshaun-k:Shaun-K 43 4 Capcom universe: Lord Raptor VS Frank West Sketch :iconshaun-k:Shaun-K 9 4 Vampire monsters :iconshaun-k:Shaun-K 2 1 Parasyte X Tokyo Ghoul X PROTOTYPE :iconshaun-k:Shaun-K 10 8 Trolls :iconshaun-k:Shaun-K 1 0


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[PROTOTYPE] BioWeapon: The Hunter.
I do not own [PROTOTYPE] the series, this is just a fan idea.
I however do own this drawing.

[PROTOTYPE] BioWeapon, a title that I have been thinking about for a couple of months and thought instead of just calling it "[PROTOTYPE]3" because giving it a number on the end kinda makes it sound predictable
so I took the idea from "InFamous Second Son" just put the main title in the beginning then add "BioWeapon" on the end.
Course at first I was thinking of calling it "[PROTOTYPE] Evolution" but decided against it because it sounded too much like the "Evolved" from P2.

Okay now for the Hunter.

I decided it would have the ability transform it's claws into deadly blades, tendrils and shoot spikes, purple skin that can hide shadows, burst through buildings while player is mid running up walls,
when eyes start glowing in empty eye sockets and back grows spikes means it's in rage mode.

and that's it. 
Avatar LoK X One Punch-Man
I do not won Avatar the legend of Korra the animated series
or own One Punch-Man the manga/anime series except OC monster this is purely fanart.

Ever since I saw a crossover fanart of OPM and Avatar the last Airbender together I just knew that I have make this.

I was thinking like a AU Crossover where Saitama and every other heroes and monsters from OPM live in the Avatar Universe, in Republic City where most of the heroes are Benders
say Genos is a Fire Bender, Silver Fang a Water Bender, Speed of Sound Sonic an Air Bender(who isn't a hero) and Tatsumaki the Earth Bender.
As for the Non-Benders who uses weapons, physical strength and gymnastics, gadgets like
Atomic Samurai master swordsman, Child Emperor kid genius and TankTop Master the muscle.

Finaly Saitama, the Non-Bender who can kill monsters with one punch, who no one knows he exists and will be Korra's Strongest Master.

Claw power concept art pt.1
I do not own [PROTOTYPE] or [PROTOTYPE]2 the game, I do however own this fan idea.

Here is a sketch about everyone's ability "the Claws" and what you can do staying in claw form.
Goliath concept art pt.1
I do not own [PROTOTYPE] the video game this is simply a Fan idea, I do however own this pic.

The Goliath, the biggest of all the infected in [Prototype]2 which look's quite similar the "Supreme Hunter" in the previous game, though the big difference to Goliath and the Supreme Hunter is the body proportions,
large torso, tiny legs, one long skinny arm with a short blade while the other is a massive club bout the same size as it's body and a skull with giant teeth for a head.
To me personally look's "meh" so I made four Goliath's for fun.

Violent Goliath
Ever since I saw the [PROTOTYPE]2 "Goliath" *Cough*(bigger version of Superior Hunter) it look like the most awkward,weirdest looking Infected I've ever seen. In my point of view that is.
So I did this redesign awhile ago and decided to post it up, in the future I might change it in a different way. 

Since the Goliath is suppose to be deformed I decided to give it a extra limb and eye like mutation, the large club like hand on the right has three fingers act's as a shield to stop powerful missiles
while the left hand acts like giant blades to ether stab or cut tanks. 
So...  Has anyone read it?


Cook Islands


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